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February 8, 2021
To: All XSNGH’s, PxP’s, Proctors, NGH”s, Chapters, and Outposts of E Clampus Vitus, Inc.
Re: The Grand Council Enclampment 2021.
Brethren of E Clampus Vitus,

In light of the continuing current public health situation, and in the interest of planning our annual conclave as prescribed by our Corporate By-Laws, the Sublime Officers have made several decisions regarding the Grand Council Enclampment. The Sublime Officers and Board of Proctors request the sincere cooperation of all Clampers, Chapters and Outposts in following these resolutions;

  1. The Grand Council Enclampment will be held in Sonora at the Motherlode Fairgrounds, May 21 & 22, 6026.
  2. In order to be able to host the Enclampment in-person, attendance must be limited to 250 Clampers.
  3. This contingent of Delegates will be comprised of 3 representatives from each Chapter and Outpost, current Proctors and Pupae, Past X-Proctors, and camp hosts, and other support crew as required.
  4. There will be no exceptions to the attendance, proxy attendees will not be allowed.
  5. The Chapter and Outpost Delegates will be chosen by their respective Chapters/Outposts. The selection as Delegates of the Chapter’s current Humbug, Clampatriarch and another XNGH are strongly encouraged however, as any other Delegates (non-XNGH) will not be allowed to attend the General Meeting.
  6. The list of names and address of each Delegate will be sent to the SGNR and these will be the only attendees allowed at the Enclampment. Please complete and return the enclosed Delegate form by March 12, 2021.

This will, unfortunately preclude many of the usual functions that would normally take place at the Enclampment including; Hawking, Dumbellican Brotherhood ceremonies, hospitality rooms, etc.
The Sublime Officers and Board of Proctors will be taking audience with Outpost and sponsoring Chapter representatives for consideration of Outpost status, and conducting other such similar matters as normally attend our Enclampment.
“It is our fervent hope that we will never again be constrained to display this distressing sign again.”