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RV sites and Camping spaces will be available on a first come, first served, basis at the fair-grounds. Check in with the ECV Campground Manager, XNGH-P Danny ‘Stand Up’ Bauder, immediately upon arrival to obtain your camping permit, which must be prominently displayed on your RV or tent. A Fee of $25.00 per tent per night and $35.00 per RV per night
will be collected by the Campground Manager, in advance, no exceptions. If you don't have a camping permit, you will be asked to leave. Due to the ever increasing number of campers, there will be no saving of places for friends without payment being made first. As always, please clean up after yourselves.

Please remember that we are guests in Sonora and sincerely appreciate the town's continued
hospitality, so seemly decorum must be observed at all times.

For Local Information - If you should require any information about lodging or other questions, contact XNGH-PXP Ed Hawkins at (209) 536-1240. If you still need a motel room, you may try the Inns of California (800) 251-1538; or, located in east Sonora, either the Aladdin Motor Inn (209) 533-4971 or the Best Western (800) 532-1944.
These motels fill up fast so don’t delay.
If you should require any information about lodging.
X-Proctor Ed Hawkins