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tuna d warthog
Dan "Chunky Tuna" McCormick
Sublime Noble Grand Humbug
"Papa" Gregg Simas
He who's office shall remain "Nameless"
David "Warthog" Otero
Sublime Grand Noble Recorder

Proctors are selected to a 5 year term on the board in a volunteer position, with a 2 term limit. The 15 proctors are selected from across Clamperdom, and no proctors from the same home chapter serve on the board at any given time. 3 of the 15 proctors serve as Sublime officers. The proctors function is to preserve and protect our order. Chapters are encouraged to submit an application for brethren they feel can potentially serve as a proctor to the proctor nomination committee. The proctor nomination form can be found at the bottom of this page.
Proctor 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Dan McCormick - SNGH 2nd Term 2nd Term 2nd Term 2nd Term  
Gregg Simas - Nameless 2nd Term 2nd Term 2nd Term 2nd Term  
Brandon Wilding 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term  
Jeff Winn 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term
John Wrobel 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term
Russ Chapman 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term
Dave Otero - SGNR 1st Term        
Jim Cirner 1st Term        
Brian Nash - XSNGH 2nd Term        
Ken Jaques - XSNGH 2nd Term 2nd Term      
Bill Wensrich - XSNGH 2nd Term 2nd Term      
Steve Myers 1st Term 1st Term      
Liam Driskill 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term    
Lyle Ducheneaux 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term    
Mark Hall-Patton 1st Term 1st Term 1st Term    

BOP rep
Each proctor serves in an advisory role to select chapters. Below is the list of proctors, and the chapters they serve as an advisor to. (Chapters are encouraged to handle chapter business and discipline. Proctors will only get involved in chapter business if something is perceived as being detremental to the chapter, the order, or by request of the chapters board.) If you have a question for the proctor advisor for your chapter, please click on his name to e-mail him. All proctors are available to our membership and encourage each brother to stay connected and stay involved.
John Wrobel Sam Brannan
No. 1004
James Marshall
No. 49
Monterey Viejo
No. 1846
Jeff Winn Pair-O-Dice
No. 7-11
No. 86
Julia C. Bulette
No. 1864
Copper Queen
(Outpost) No. 1915
Russ Chapman Joaquin Murrieta
No. 13
Mountain Charlie
No. 1850
Peter Lebeck
No. 1866
Brian Nash - XSNGH Billy Holcomb
No. 1069
John P. Squibob
No. 1853
David Otero - SGNR Chief Truckee
No. 3691
Dr. Samuel G. George
No. 1855
Grub Gulch
No. 41-49
Major James D. Savage
No. 1852
Jim Cirner Branciforte
No. 1797
WM. Meeks/WM. Stewart
No. 10
Las Plumas Del Oro
No. 8
Steve Myers Yerba Buena
No. 1
No. 1911
Johann A. Sutter
No. 1841
Ken Jaques - XSNGH Al Packer
No. 100
Matt Warner
No. 1900
Robery Leroy Parker
No. 1889
South Pass 67'ers
(Outpost) No. 1876
Bill Wensrich - XSNGH Humbug
No. 73
No. 62
No. 101
Umpqua Joe
No. 1859
Liam Driskill Major William Downie
No. 1849
Lord Sholto Douglas
No. 3
Lassen Loomis
No. 1914
Frank C. Reilly
No. 5978
Lyle Ducheneaux Estanislao
No. 58
No. 1849
No. 69
Four Georgians
No. 4681
Mark Hall-Patton Lost Duchman
No. 5917+4
Queho Posse
No. 1919
Slim Princess
No. 395
Dan McCormick - SNGH Doc Maynard
No. 54-40
Snake River
No. 1811
Irish Kate Barrett
(Outpost) No. 1858
Capt. Robert Gray
(Outpost) No. 1792
Brandon Wilding Snowshoe Thompson
No. 1827
Lucinda Jane Saunders
No. 1881
Jesse Lee Reno
(Outpost) No. 1422
Samuel L. Clemens
(Outpost) No. 1856
Gregg Simas - Nameless Bodie
No. 64
De La Guerra Y Pacheco
No 1.5
No. 2


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